I am Richard Earl Harrison, candidate for Precinct 3 Commissioner.  Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am a native of Huntsville and a 1969 graduate of Huntsville High School. I proudly served our great country, The United States of America, in the Army.  My tour of duty included service in West Germany.  I am proud to be an Army veteran!


Forty-six years ago, I married the love of my life, Clara, also a native of Huntsville.  We are the blessed parents of four daughters and six grandchildren.  I am a dedicated member of Midway Baptist Church.


I believe wholeheartedly in community service.  I believe that each citizen must be actively involved in order to have a vibrant and successful community. However, that community needs leadership in order to become all it can be. My objective is to become that dedicated leader.  That is why I am seeking the position as your commissioner.  I will put all my energy and time that is needed to make Precinct 3 an outstanding example for the world to see!


As a citizen of Huntsville, Walker Count and precinct 3, you’re probably asking, “What, if elected will you do to improve the county and precinct?” I have several strong held ideas that I would love to implement in our precinct. My first idea is to build around what we already have.  Sam Houston State University and the Criminal Justice System are the two largest sources of employment for the county and city.  Since those two entities draw a large number of people to our area with the potential of significantly adding to our economy, it is only feasible to build on that by making a significant effort to attract businesses to our precinct that will contribute additional revenue as well as employment opportunities.


My focus will be to use every dollar allotted to Precinct 3 in a way that is only beneficial to the improve of this precinct.  Having the best roads and bridges will be a prime focus.  I will also listen to your concerns and do my best to meet whatever needs you may have that are within my authority.  You all will be my first priority!


In today’s society, we face many challenges, some that are forever present, and others that are new and different.  I believe that each challenge presents an opportunity to grow and expand for the better.  It is important for one, to possess the quality of being a problem solver and to have the mindset to never shrink back because something is hard. I have the experience needed to fulfill these specifications.  I served on the advisory board of San Jacinto College. I was a member of the Human Relation Committee while in the military; I was also a manager with Chevron/Phillips and Solutia Inc. These experiences afforded me opportunities to acquire and develop the skills that will allow me to be a valuable asset as commissioner for this precinct.


My roots are deeply embedded in Walker county. I understand the challenges that are here.  There is much good here and yet, there is much more to be done.  I offer new and fresh leadership.  This leadership is not based on mere person ambition and never personal gain.  I am dedicated to the growth and development of the county in every aspect.


If I am elected as your commissioner, you have my pledge that I will always do what is right and honorable.  My ear will always be entuned to your needs and concerns.  A vote for me, Richard Harrison, will be one that you will never regret.


 It’s always tough to beat an incumbent, but with your help and support I can win. I know that we’re in the mist of a pandemic, and many of us are facing economic hardships. But, if it’s within your means, please send a contribution to my campaign fund at the address below.


Thank you,

Richard Harrison


Richard Harrison

P.O. BOX 7142


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